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Okay. A lot of people are the kind to jump and 'judge' others on how they are parenting. Weather they are doing the "right thing" when it comes to parenting, and how they are raising their child/ren.
I will go ahead and say- I am a young mother. I had my little girl at 17. As much as reality and other people wanted to scream at the top of their lungs my "mistake" and how I "screwed up by getting pregnant at 16" I would never ever consider my daughter an accident. No matter what I do I am judged. From taking her to the store and seeing people stare---to what I am letting her eat/drink at the restaurants we visit. So I am just going to ask, please, do not send any rude or hateful judgment comments toward me on this post.
NOW. Back to business.
Please please tell me what I can do about my little girl.
She will be 4 this year.
And she is 'something else'.
Considering I had her at 17; breastfed for 20 months; and was able to stay at home for 3 years with my parents help... This little girl has grown to be attached to her mommies hip. Nowwww, before you think different... I DO notttt think this is all a "bad thing". I love my little girl, and the fact that she is so loving and wants her mommy is a wonderful feeling. BUTTT, there are some things that are hard to deal with...
She does NOT want mommy to go do ANYTHING without her.
Even leaving for work is a hassle every. single. day. She will cry... scream... and even say a hundred times "DONT GO YET, JUST ONE MORE KISS" (while she is crying a river)... NOWWW, once i leave, she gets "over it" she will toughen up and ends up being very well behaved for whoever she is staying with....
I DO co-sleep. Always have... (Judging mothers;go ahead) Being close to my baby was what i wanted.... i cannot even get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom... she feels me move and BAM shes right up out of bed also.
SO. What do you all think ? Do you think this will fade as she grows ? Do you think i should do something to get my freedom back ? Let me know.
Thankyou, all.

Momma H.


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I know many women who co-sleep.(although i think the term you're looking for is bedsharing, they are different things) In public most won't admit to it many times. Don't feel bad for it. It's only unsafe if you have tons of pillows,blankets, or are medicated. At this point she is 4 and is safe :).

Okay how to have her let you go. Practice with her. Tell her you'll be back in 5 minutes and teach her how to watch the clock. Walk out the door and come back in 5 minutes. Do it a few times a week and teach her what the clock will look like when you'll be back. make her a fake clock to set the hands for her to compare. Then make sure you practice your own reaction also. She might simply be reacting to you freaking out.Warn her before you go that it will be the last kiss and hug so get it in now. Don't make yourself a liar, stick to it. Be calm and just tell her you'll be back at a certain time and walk out. don't look back,

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