How to deal with bigger mean kids around your toddler?

Hersch - posted on 06/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all, I have been quite struggling a little, I have seen older kids being mean to my little girl who is 3, and at least my daughter just seem not to care for awhile and of course she starts to cry when they start to grab away her toys and annoy her, even pulling my daughters hair because she didnt let go of her toy, I just couldnt sit still and not do anything about it. I told the other kid don't be mean she is younger than you are and you shouldnt be taking away someone elses toys which arent even yours and never hurt them too. The mother of this kid just didnt do anything though, she just said they are kids. I seriously wont tolerate this behavior I am definitely sure my kid wont be like those mean kids coz mine loves to share but I just cant stand other mean kids. My daughter has her own tantrums but she wont result to pulling hairs or grabbing toys or hurting other children for sure.

How do you mommies deal with this? I certainly cant stand mean kids. Especially if they are mean to mine.


Amanda - posted on 06/10/2014




Hi Hersch, I've dealt with this with my daughter as well but now she knows how to stand up to other kids like that since she is a bit older (5). About a year and a half ago she had a problem with one of the kids at the preschool she was going to, this other child would steal her toys and poke her and push her. Never enough to seriously hurt her of course, but when I found out this was going on I was really irked!
One day I went to drop her off and I ask which one of the kids was being mean to her, she told me and I tried to go talk to him and tell him being mean wasn't nice and the whole shpeel. But he really would not listen. I noticed he was being mean to other kids before I left, and so I decided to have a talk with his parents.
When I came to pick up my little girl I waited to see if the boys parents were there and they were so I went to go talk to them.
Of course, this should have been enough to have them at least say something to their child, but like your situation, sometimes parents are so oblivious!
In the end I told Alice (my little girl) that if someone is being mean she needs to say something to them instead of just telling her mommy. I told her to tell the boy how his being mean made her feel and that he should stop because how would he feel if she did those things to him.
As surprised as I was that the parents did nothing, I was actually more surprised that the boy stopped!
Sorry for the story, but I hope this helps!

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