How to discipline toddlers who just don't care

Tiffany - posted on 03/23/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My girls are 2 and 4 and my husband and I are about at wit's end with their crazy shenanigans lol. Every time we turn around they are into something they shouldn't be (unlocking the pantry and dumping boxes of cereal all over the floor, in the bathroom making the sink their bath tub, climbing the cabinets to get into nail polish/crayons/markers/make up). Or they are fighting with each other over a toy. My 4 year old will yell at my husband and I like she is a 15 year old with an attitude and sense of entitlement from hell. We take away toys, their treasured blanket/stuffy, TV/Game time, fun activities...we tack on extra chores (like having to "wash" the wall or windows). We utilize appropriate time out for both the girls, going through the whole process of explaining why they are there, keeping them there for 2/4 minutes and requiring an apology to exit. I feel like we do EVERYTHING a parenting/discipline book would suggest....but they don't care! Their behavior doesn't change, not even a little bit. Not even for a day or an hour. They go right back to it!

It honestly, makes me feel like a total failure as a parent. I don't seek to control my kids, I don't expect them to be perfectly well behaved robots that follow my every command. But, dang it, do I have to accept that my house will be run and ruined by these two tiny people who don't have any respect for their's or others stuff or their parents? Am I crazy for thinking that if I don't get something to change soon, that one day I will wake up to two teenage girls who will run the household with a vengeance, being spoiled rotten brats and expecting the world to bend over backwards to give them whatever they want? ......should I mention that I am pregnant with #3 and super hormonal and also just moved to Germany, which makes me feel out of control and super alone? lol


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I have three boys, age 5, 3, and 2 months. When I was pregnant and the boys were 2 and 4 I often felt like this, too! I had to adopt different forms of discipline that worked for their individual personalities. The older one doesn't like to be alone, so I give him time out. He also craves positive attention and compliments, so I try to reward him with this every time he behaves The middle one could entertain himself all day without caring for a playmate, but will fall in love with a toy he is playing with. So for him, I will take the toy away. For positive reinforcement, he does not care for compliments, but loves a high five and a few cheers for him. All kids are different, so try to work with each one individually to pick up a plan of discipline and be consistent. Aside from all of that, keep in mind that they are only this age once and they will probably drive you crazy throughout most of it. Good luck with the new baby!!

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