How to find the right day care?

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I have to start looking for a daycare for my 2 year old son. We will need something in about a month in St. Augustine, Fl. How should I research this? How do I know if a daycare is a good center or not? I need some help and reassurance.


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Elizabeth - posted on 07/28/2012




My first suggestion is to go to the school. Look at the following

1) does it smell ~ I have found this to be a great indicator on how clean the school is
2) how do the children look ~ are they happy, and clean
3) how do the children react to the teachers, and the teachers to them (most kids at 2 are son hides behind his teacher whenever someone new comes into the room)
4) look at the courners and sides of the room (is the floor well maintained and without cracks, rips or stains?)
5) how do the toys look
6) how do you feel about the teachers
7) do they have cameras? And can you see what's going on
8) what activities do they have for the kids

If you are ok with the school at this point, then google them. You will see the ones that are really bad fairly fast. Bewarn he will cry for you for. About a month when you drop him off. You also should do any other changes until he gets use to it.

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