how to get my 18 month daughter to get rid of her pacifier which is like taking her bff away?

Sasha - posted on 07/08/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 18 month daughter will NOT go to sleep with out her pacifier when shes fussy during the day (when shes getting tired) she actually looks for one in her room or around the house. need suggestions on how I can get my daughter to sleep without her pacifier its becoming harder and harder as she gets a little older. I would like to get her to stop using it before two years old


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Alicia - posted on 07/09/2013




Stay up with her until she falls asleep on her own, and clench your teeth through the whining. Hold her close and comfort her. It may take a few long nights, but cold-turkey is the fastest way to break a habit.

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