How to handle a toddler who is fascinated with private parts?

Dawn - posted on 08/10/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is fascinated with body parts. She grabs and/or puts her head on my breasts, she grabs daddy's "pee-pee," she pulls down her underwear and shoves her butt in our faces saying "eat it" or "naked booty," and she is starting to touch herself while sitting on the couch. I'm sure a lot of this is normal sexual development, but how do you handle it? Sometimes, I want to laugh, other times it annoys me, and most of the time (especially if she's touched herself), I try to explain how that's a private thing and how she could spread germs if she does that and then touches other things. She doesn't do this in public. Only at home. When I say something about it, she makes up excuses (I think), or she just stops what she's doing. When she grabs my boobs, I usually just remove her hands, get up, and walk away.

I don't want to give her a complex, and I certainly don't want to laugh at her. I'm just not sure what is the healthiest way to react. Any advice?


Kristin - posted on 08/11/2012




I agree with ignoring it. Every time she does it, she gets a rise out of you. So ignoring it will eventually lead to her stopping because she doesn't think it effects you.

Katherine - posted on 08/10/2012




Ignore it. Trying to explain it is a moot point. That's good that you just walk away when she grabs your breasts. I wouldn't say anything, just remove her hands and walk away like you do. You can't really explain to a 2 yo that it's inappropriate, besides that will just make her do it more.


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