How To Help A Young Daughter That Didn't Know Her Father At All Before

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How To Help A Young Daughter That Didn't Know Her Father At All Before He Passed Away? She's recently started wetting her pants a lot and in cartoons that there is a father she will talk to me afterwards and change "dad" to "mom". My son's dad is supposedly her "daddy" too as far as we've told her but he only sees either child when dropping off the child support and I'm beginning to believe she truly knows he's not her real daddy. Her real biological father was only in her life all together for 6 month's on and off until he realized I wasn't going to get back with him. We were only together 6 month's in all. He was extremely controlling and very verbally abusive and mentally abusive. June 13th of this year he passed away. She doesn't remember him at all nor does she know any of his family. She was around 2 years old the last time she saw him briefly. Briefly was all he ever was for the brief 6 month's he actually played "daddy". I have no clue how to help by baby. I live in a small town and there are no facilities here that will see children under 5. I have no transportation and we are living in a transitional housing shelter at the moment. I noticed this behavior start taking place after enrolling her into pre-k. I hope someone can give me somr advice. I have no family myself. Only my two precious baby's God has blessed me with. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.


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You need to let her know about her real Dad. Let her know that her real Dad isn't around anymore, that can be telling her he is in Heaven or whatever you believe.

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