how to help my 18 month old fear

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Please give me some advice I am running out of ideas and feeling stressed about is my short story.he is a super cute smart boy and let me just mention he has severe separation problems.whenever we go out and meet other children he stays away from them wanna play on his own,worse..when they starts screaming or just call for their mummy he gets so scared that ends up with uncontrollable crying then happens anywhere at home on bus at totally puts me off taking him anywhere as I feel so stressed he would sick again.mind you I take him swimming which he loves but I have to separate him from other kids make sure they not upsetting him.he recently started having tantrums what comes with vomiting at the end.please give me some advice how to deal with situation like this.I know I should take him out more and more and we try but these meetings do not last for more than 10 minutes due to his hypersensitivity.should I take him to a therapist or what else?


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I agree with Cecilla, he needs to build some confidence. I think starting out slow and easy is key. Sounds like he get really overwhelmed rather quickly, this must be frustrating for you and him both! I wouldn't expose him to too many children at one time as a big group can cause anxiety in anyone. Remember too that he is still pretty young and still trying to get the hang of all this, and it could be a phaze that he will outgrow.

Good luck

Cecilia - posted on 02/04/2013




I would start by having short play dates at home with children younger than him. This way he's the big one and he's at home where he is comfortable. Allow him to sit on your lap and play. He might do this the first few times but then realize he doesn't need you there. After that be close by where he can see. He just needs to build up some confidence i think. I think sometimes you might want to realize what you are doing. I think you might be feeding the fear some where.

You might want him to see a therapist. If nothing else it won't hurt to try right?

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