How to make my 3 year old son more independent?

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Help my 3 year old boy won't feed himself, we tried leaving him -he actually just wont eat. Its a lack of confidence I think - because when I was weaning him he had a few scary gagging moments, I became very nervous and particular about what he ate and how he ate it, now I think he still will only pick up finger foods if he's comfortable but refuses to shovel things like rice, pasta or mash into his mouth on his own! Also trying to potty train him and make him drop his evening bottle. He is stubborn and I think needed parents like super nanny with iron will, and resolve. Any tips on how to make a stubborn and sensitive child bend to your ways would help.

PS he's also a fussy eater which is no surprise given the above.


Ana - posted on 12/25/2013




Well, feed him what he will eat and trick him into eating what you want him to eat. Sounds bad but we all do it,

Smoothies with spinach, scrambled eggs mixed into applesauce are just a few ways to get kids to eat what we want them to. This way at dinner time you wont be mad if he just eats the nuggets and nothing else. Most kids this age are fussy eaters..I have 2 and so far 1 of them is a fussy eater.

Ok,lets get him off the bottle. If he's wanting a little something at night, fine, but it will have to be in a sippy cup or a regular cup. No exceptions..tough love, but he will be ok. Throw away all bottles in the house, diaper bag, school, friends and parents house etc..

Now for potty training, Takes 1 week when you have your plan together.

Now I day time trained my daughter, but she is not night time trained yet. I'm doing it in stages. Some parents do it all at the same time. That didn't work for me. I ended up washing a lot of pee pee sheets and having a lot of late nights of her being wet and crying when I let her sleep with no pull up. So she is back in pull ups until the summer at least.

Good luck mom.

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