How to potty train my 2 year old son?

Brooke - posted on 08/12/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




When should I be able to put my 2 year old in his toddler bed??! He goes to sleep by himself at night, his crib is in our room and I'm going to put his toddler bed in there as well but I don't know if he's old enough to understand not to climb out!!! Also were working on potty training any tips!!? Thanks! I'm new to this circle of moms web site and I'm beginning to love it!


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Andrea - posted on 08/15/2012




For the potty training part, maybe you can look into Jamie's non-coercive toilet training for 20-30 month olds aptly called "Oh Crap Potty Training." It'll be done before you know it! :)

Shaenta - posted on 08/13/2012




I have a 2yr old i find it best to let him play until dinner let him eat and put him in the tub after the tub put him in the bed with what he love to watch.About the potty training thing after he eat put him on the toilet then every 4 hours ask if he has to go to the bathroom.First start with him sitting then have a male show him how to stand and aim or you can show him how to stand and aim.And Always always give him praise after he do his business!

Deb - posted on 08/13/2012




I would keep him in his own bedroom when you move him to a toddler bed for your sake as well as his!
Personally, I've found potty training to work best when they show signs of being ready. 2 seems early for a boy. Many moms I know say their boys started closer to 3.

Karen - posted on 08/13/2012




Hey, my son is 2 and sleeps in a twin size bed. I just put him in the room and tell him it is time for bed about 30 or 45 minutes before actual bedtime. He will play for a little bit then I go back in and lay him down and tell him to go to sleep, he is normally asleep within a hour or so, he also has a tv that I leave on for him so he will lay in bed and watch tv until he falls asleep. I am also potty training, I dont know where you live but my son like to pee on tires, or water the grass....1 step at the time right?? lol Good luck with everything!!

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