How to potty train my 2-yr old.?

Vanessa - posted on 06/13/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a full time working mother and have a 2 year old which I think is ready for potty training. But my baby sitter refuses to remove her diapers when she is in their house because she would wet the place. How do I potty train her when I get home from work?


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Jennifer - posted on 06/15/2011




Every child is different of course, but what worked for me with my stubborn little man, who was almost 3 at the time, was the naked method. I work FT as well, but as soon as I walked in the door I stripped him down and watched him for signs that he needed to go. Staying still in one spot for too long, crossing his legs, holding himself, hiding, pee trickling out at times etc, than I would rush him to the bathroom. On the weekends he ran around everywhere naked, by the end of the 2nd weekend he was potty trained. Also and this is key when we simply HAD to go out during this process I never put a pullup or underwear on him, we went all natural so he could feel when he was going. Hope that helps!

Katherine - posted on 06/15/2011




Reading about “potty training products gone bad” is good for comic relief but after the laughter (and horror) subside, you’re still no closer to having potty training gear that actually works! To help you on that mission, here are seven key potty training products that have worked like a charm for other moms.
1. Potty Training Books

Kid-friendly books about potty training are an excellent way to generate interest and excitement about the toilet, and make it easier to explain the mechanics. Highly popular titles include Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel (with editions for girls and boys), Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi, and The Potty Book (also available for both girls and boys).
2. Potty Training Videos

Like potty-training books, potty training DVDs can also inspire success. Go Potty Go and Elmo’s Potty Time are both recommended by moms, as is the video version of Once Upon a Potty.
3. Baby Bjorn Potty Seat

Of the many potty seats on the market, the Baby Bjorn potty chair gets particularly high praise from Circle of Moms members. Mother-of-two Karen F. shares: “I highly recommend the Baby Bjorn for older/larger toddlers who start potty training….The Baby Bjorn seats were super easy to clean up.” And Suzanne R. shares: “It is comfortable, doesn't tip easily, and is good for both boys and girls.”
4. “Cool” Potty Seats

As moms like Jacki H. advise, consider the fun factor in potty training products: “Try buying him a ‘cool’ kid's potty. I bought my son a frog one. He loved it!” Similarly, in the Potty Training Toddlers Community, Lindsay recommends: “If he has a favorite character from TV (for my son it was Thomas the Train), buy the potty seat with that character. Worked like a charm for me!”
5. Character Underwear

From Dora, Disney princesses and My Little Ponies for girls to Toy Story, Cars and Batman for boys, character-themed "big boy" or "big girl" underwear can be major motivation for potty training. Jessica W. relays: “I took both of my boys shopping and they picked out their own underwear. When they picked them, I explained that they had to keep the characters clean by using the potty now. They were both in underwear 24-7 within 2 weeks!”
6. Fold-up Seats

To assuage children's fears of falling into public toilets (and to avoid lugging around a huge seat every time you run an errand) moms like Veronica M. suggest purchasing a portable fold-up seat: “They make seats (that fold up to fit in a diaper bag) that snap onto the seat to make it a little more comfortable for toddlers.”
7. Mattress Protector

Prepare for the inevitable slip-ups by making the bed up with protective bedding. As Naomi K. suggests: “Invest in a waterproof mattress protector. They are a great invention. Or you can buy a waterproof mat that lies on top of the sheet for your child to sleep on; they are made of cloth so can be washed if your child does have an accident."

Liz - posted on 06/14/2011




Can you start on a weekend? Then maybe take 1 or 2 days off? I found with my 4 & 5 yr. old daughters that pullups just prolong the training. If she really is ready you can have her trained within a few days. What worked for us was to let them know that when the diapers ran out, that was it, no more diapers, and we reminded them everyday. Diapers ran out and that was it. There were a few accidents but we just kept changing her underwear. When we went out I put a towel on her carseat in case there was an accident (although I did limit the time we spent out of the house the first few days) If she is truly ready than she will be trained within a few days. 2 Is still a little young so she may not be ready yet. 1 of my daughters was trained at 2, the other was closer to 3 1/2. Also, nap and nightime training could take much longer, this is where we find pullups to be helpful. As for your babysitter, you are paying her, if she isn't going to follow your instructions you might want to consider finding someone else. If she isn't going to back you on this, than how do you know she is following your parenting style when you're at work? If there are no diapers in the house she will have no choice.

Kayleigh - posted on 06/14/2011




ok well you are gonna struggle if your babysitter isn't on board with you. try asking her if you put your little one in training pants and provide a potty if she will help. otherwise a friend of mine took two weeks off work and went nappy free. i use treats, so if he does a pee on the potty instead of the floor he gets a biscuit or some fruit (depending on what i have in) and for a poop he gets chocolate or an ice pop. lots and lots of praise too, making a big deal out of it has helped. i hope this lot helps you in some way

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