How to potty train my 3 year old , Shes in pull ups , and everytime I ask her if she has to potty she says Nooo. .. Even though No is kinda her answer for everything , I know she understands me !


Sarah - posted on 10/14/2012




At first I would not ask I would just start a routine. In the morning when she gets up just have her sit for a few. If she goes make a big deal out of it....I give a small treat if they go (1 m&m for pee and 2 for poop). Then about an hour after she has had her breakfast just have her go sit again. And then continue the routine throughout the day. If she carries a sippy cup around with her a lot try to decrease that and have it more at meal and snack times. I find that many times when I ask if they have to go you get a "no", but if you just say we are going and take them often times they go. As time goes on....this might be a couple of months.....and she is getting better and is staying dry most of the time between potty breaks I would then put underwear on her. She may have an accident or two or three, but that is part of the learning process. The pull-up is so much like a diaper that sometimes it hinders the potty training. So I have found that once they are going pretty well then switching to underwear helps keep the progress moving. I am still bringing them to the potty and not asking them.....but once it feels like we are doing really good with the underwear on then I will start moving to the next stage. Now I will ask if they have to go. If they say "no" then I just remind them to not go potty in their pants and to let me know when they have to go. If it has been quite a while (longer then normal) and they still have not gone then I will just say let's go and not give them the choice....but my treat has also changed. I now only give a treat if you go on your own. If I say lets just go...then no treat. So my treat moves with whatever the next stage I am wanting you to get is.


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Addys - posted on 10/15/2012




I had the same problem, except that when I put her in the toilet she will scream and cry like there was no tomorrow. First, Pull-ups are a no-no, because when she pees, the pull up will hold the pee. What I did with mine may not work for everyone but you should try it. We started on monday, so Sunday night I put her on a regular nighttime diaper and told her that was the last diaper, there was no more and mommy was not going to buy anymore. When we woke up monday morning I explained to her the same thing. I had her all Monday with regular underwear, we had couple of accidents, couple of cries but that was all it took. Tuesday, there was no accidents and she told me whenever she had to go, even if it was not true. Many daycare teachers take their kids to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes to avoid accidents. During the first week we did not leave the house, I had to bring some extra help on day 2 and on in order to go pick up my oldest from school. During the day, on day 2 and on, everything she will pee we would go out and walk for about 10 minutes and then back home and so on. Also I got her some incentives, every day that she didn't have an accident I would give her a new toy (only for the first week) and after 2 weeks of free accidents there was a big price. You have to be ready to run to the bathroom with her as soon as she says she has to go in order to avoid accidents, otherwise she may feel bad and cry (mine does, and is like someone hit her). I also carry in my car a portable potty that is easy to store and brings bags to put on them so she can do her business and then throw away. After a week and a half maybe two weeks I started using pull ups but I tell her that is a regular underwear. Before I started the whole process I did fix my house for potty training, lol, I put plastic covers on all mattresses, including the sofas, a plastic cover on her car seat, a toilet upstairs and down stairs, everything was easy to access. Potty training takes time and I tried it before 2 times but was very inconsistent, but I woke up one morning and decided that was it and went ahead and I can say that the first day was the only difficult one, after that she was done and she understood that there was no more diapers and that was it. Good luck on your quest, I know is hard, but even if she says no, take her to the bathroom. Also gerber sells potty training pants, they are like regular underwear but it holds the pee a bit more than regular ones, because is a bit padded on the bottom. Every time she goes potty make a big deal, dance, sing and run around if you need to, just let her know you are very happy and that she is a big girl. Good Luck!

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