how to remove pamper...............

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my son is 1,1/2 year old nd i want to remove his pamper nd start poty training plz help how its do


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That's on the younger side to start potty training. I would start by introducing the potty, put it in an area that he normally plays in. When you use the bathroom let him tag along as him if he wants to sit on his potty, if he doesn't do not force it or you could end up dragging out the process. If he doesn't know the words for pee an poop teach them, if he isn't talking then teach him the signs for pee and poop.

He's really not ready to potty train if he can't dress and I dress himself so if he doesn't do that yet you'll have to start practicing. When I started my daughter on the potty she was two and only had her sit on it for fun. She was 2 years 5 months when we went to the store and she picked out her big girl potty underwear. When I got home I removed her diaper and just put her in underwear after a couple accidents that day she figured out what she needed to do and has been trained since.

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