how to stop a very mouthy 2 yr old?

Elizabeth - posted on 12/17/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 2 yr old daughter who is very mouthy. If you tell her to stop doing something or tell her no or even change the channel she starts mouthing back and no matter what i do it gets worse. i need advice and suggestions on how to nip this in the bud. Any suggestions?


Ana - posted on 12/17/2012




Well, I have a little girl, 2 1/2 who is much like the same and at this age they need some rules to follow, to start... it will grow on them..

When ever my daughter screams (used to) about me turning the channel, I did not give her the response she wanted, I talked to her, if she kept it up, I told her No, and quiet down.

I thinks kids have to learn that they cannot have what they want when they want all the time, and they can't scare or irritate parents into giving in.

Be strong. There also needs to be consequences to complete out of control behavior. Eiether no more cartoons for that time period, sitting them down in a quiet area, no toys for a while, or spankings, depends on what you are comfortable with. But they are may not work 100% of the time, but you have to be consistent as much as possible and they will learn that no is no..otherwise they will be little monsters that no one wants to deal with including you...


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Eva - posted on 12/19/2012




I use my daughter's old crib as her time-out zone. Whenever she disobeys pointedly (angry, throwing), I tell her if she continues, she will go in her crib. She usually yells "No! No crib!" To which I respond "Well then stop (insert action here.)"

If she continues, you guessed it, scooped up and into the crib. Time varies depending on how awful the action was (if she broke or messed up something, at least as long as it takes for me to clean it up.) Sometimes she screams her fool head off. I've had to scoop her up in the middle of a bath when she wouldn't stop splashing and put her in her crib naked and wet. I think it only works as a punishment if you can carry it out all the way.

Once she calms down (and frankly, me too) I go back to her and ask if she's going to listen to mommy. I get her to agree that there will be no more hitting-yelling-throwing (etc.) and then there's a big hug and it's back to playing.

Sometimes she's back in there an hour later. There are good and bad days. The point is having a method of handling it that's consistent, for you and them.

September - posted on 12/19/2012




I would suggest that when she gets mouthy with you, you pull her aside, get down to her level and calmly tell her it's not ok to act the way she is acting. If she continues to act that way I’d find a quite place in the house for her to sit for a minute (you can even sit with her) to think about her behavior. This will allow her some time to reflect and calm down a bit. I think the most important thing to changing unwanted behaviors is consistency. Whatever you choose to do just be sure to stick to it. Good luck!

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