How to teach your 2 year old to stay in his bed?

Bianca - posted on 12/19/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My child has learned to climb out of his crib, I'm at my whits end. How do I keep him in his toddler bed? He simply will not stay in bed, he just wants to constantly play. I've tried everything! Please help!


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Saphilie - posted on 12/22/2010




I agree with the other ladies, being consistent in whatever routine you choose is key!! Everything is a phase with our little ones, and it will pass, just like everything else.
It did take us 2 months, but we're out of it. I would go and put her back in her bed as many times as needed, without saying anything. It used to take 2 hours at first, and then less and less. I used to have to stay in her room, then, by her door, then just outside the room, etc..It also helped a lot when we got her a real twin bed, as opposed to her transitional crib. I think she's more comfortable and has more space. I let her look at some books if she wants to, and she still calls us a few times, but never get out of bed any more!!
So good luck, it can take time, but it will work!!

Belinda - posted on 12/22/2010




Perserverence me lady! We had another baby on the way so our little man went into his bed at only 15 months old. We made a huge deal about it when we moved his bed into his rrom so oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh wow look at your new bed and let him climb on it and get really familiar with it. First night we put him back to bed million times and it took him a few hours before he finally put himself to bed to sleep. We always have the door closed or he simply wont stay in his room. The first week he played for hours in the dark and then the novelty wore off after that and he only plays for about an hour now and puts himself to sleep. My situation may be different to yours as he was happy to be in his room in the dark alone but i hear that some children kick and scream and hate of my friends used the method as per the poster before me so it must work! Keep with it mate, it soon sinks in. Be consistent every nights and he will soon figure it out. Oh and also try reading him a book when you put him to bed. This works wonders for my friend!

Danielle - posted on 12/19/2010




What we did when we were bed training our son was when we put him down for the night we would sit on his floor (sitting parallel with his bed) with our heads down.

When he would get out of bed the first time we would say " Stay in bed sweetie, its bed time." Then we would pick him up and lay him back in bed. The second time he would get out of bed we would say "bedtime" and place him straight back in his bed. The third time he would get out of bed we wouldn't say anything and just placed him back in bed. Anytime after the third we did not say anything.

Do not make eye contact throughout this process as well. Always resume your position on the floor with your head down, and remain motionless, and calm. Then after a while ( and it will take a while) when he realized he would be just put back in bed he fell asleep.

Dont be discouraged if you feel there is no progress. You need to stay consistent in order for your child to understand that there is no alternative when it comes to bedtime. For the first week of training it would take us anywhere from 2-3 hours to get him to stay in his bed. As the week came to an end the time we spent each night in his room was less and less.

Make sure that you dont have any toys in the bed with him (except a comfort toy) and that your cell phone or other gadgets are left out of the room. If you get distracted then he will get distracted.

Remember to take deep breaths when you are starting to get frustrated with the process (as it tend to drag on). I found that taking deep meditative breaths helped me keep calm during those long nights, and I think the deep, rhythmic breathing helped calm my son as well.

Also, I would strongly suggest that you establish a bullet proof bedtime routine. I would recommend trying "Johnsons" Lavender bedtime body wash and lotion products; or something that you can establish a strong scent relationship with bedtime.

I hope this helps.

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