Hy mommys, I have a 19 months old toddler and I'm expecting agai; I'm so worried with the nights I'll have to spend in the hospital to deliver my new baby knowing that my toddler doesn't live without me... she is to atached... any advise? thanks xoxo


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I agree with Brittney. A few months before my second baby was born we would randomly take my oldest to stay with her Grandparents, had to do the same when #3 was due. That way its not a strange place for over night visits and it will give you practice at letting go. (Very hard to do the first few times but it does get easier)


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Brittney - posted on 01/18/2012




What about taking your toddler to grandmas or a relative the toddler likes. That way the toddler is attached to them. Don't forget to explain why you cant be there with him/her, and have someone take him/her to see you when the new baby is born.

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