i cant keep my son out of the drawers

Jessica - posted on 11/20/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




my son is just about 1 1/2 and this is the age that they LOVE getting into EVERYTHING! we've put lock things on the cabinets so he can only open them about an inch, and keep doors locked since he learned how to open them as well and we'll soon be getting door knob covers for add security. but he just wont stay out of the kitchen drawers! he loves pulling stuff out of them and im scared that he'll grab a knife out some day when i go to the bathroom or look away for a second. its so exhausting chasing him out of the kitchen 1455845613 times a day! any suggestions? and btw, i cant do a baby gate bc my kitchen entrance is too big.


CJ - posted on 11/29/2010




I agree that there are locks and such for drawers you can get, many of the ones that work for cupboards work for drawers too. I also suggest clearing out a bottom drawer and putting some stuff in it for him, like some utensils he can play with , maybe a couple plastic bowls. My daughter loves playing with dishes. Then you can teach him that drawer is his. Having his own drawer he is allowed in, that has the same stuff (only safe stuff) as he sees you using may make him lose interest in getting in the other drawers he isn't allowed in. But still get the locks as well. Having his own drawer will help with the frustration at not being able to get in the other ones.

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So does mine. Same age. There are barriers you can buy for the drawers, locks that will keep him out. Check your local hardware stores.

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i have the same problem in that my son loves getting into everything and we can't gate our kitchen either. i just make sure to keep the cabinets locked and an eye on him if he is anywhere that isn't baby proofed. i'll bring him in the bathroom with me or sit him down with a snack

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Give him a drawer. I made my son a drawer HE can play with everything in there. You can put soe small pots and tops, spoons, and some toys. He will love it.

Also how large is the opening to your kitchen?

Shae - posted on 11/23/2010




i went through the same thing. these worked really well for me: http://www.justkidsstore.com/prod/safety...
i just pulled one end around the side of the cabinet and stuck the other one on the drawer itself. the ones in the pic look slightly different than mine but i'm pretty sure it was the same brand. we are moving and i just pulled them off a few weeks ago- no damage to the cabinets from the adhesive and the came off fairly easily for how well the stuck. hope that helps :)

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I have an entire cupboard that I let my son play in. I let him keep empty containers and other stuff that is safe for him to play with. He is locked out of everything else. Most of the time he is content with playing with "his" cupboard. This has worked out well for us. You might be able to buy a long board to put across the door. A friend on mine had her husband build a short door that could swing open and close.

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I also had the same problem. I rearranged a few things in the kitchen and had the bottom two drawers in the kitchen with things that were safe for him to play with. e.g. kitchen utensils, plastic containers, etc. I also placed knives on a higher shelf in the pantry. I let him play in 'his drawers' and never made a big deal about him being in the kitchen. If he went to the other drawers I would say 'dont forget you have to drawers that are just yours'. He loved sitting on the kitchen floor playing with 'his drawers'. Mind you after a week he was over the kitchen drawers and hasnt been interested since.

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I am in the EXACT position you are except my knives are on top of the counter out of reach at the moment. My daughter is 18 months and even though we don't have handles on our kitchen drawers, she's figured out how to open them. Right now she just gets into our stove utensil drawers which isn't that big of deal to me but last night she discovered where the forks and spoons were. Thankfully she was just trying to help set the table but still. I don't know what we are going to do but I wish you the best of luck as we experience this stage together!

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Yeah, we got locks for drawers at walmart also. They do exist! Thank goodness, because the tupperware drawer was having its contents emptied and refilled about 50 times a day.

Jessica - posted on 11/22/2010




My oldest once stabed me in the leg with a knife luckly he was to little to break the skin and it was dull knife he was the same age as your son. So i moved all the knives to a higher shelf and put drawer locks on them that i got at toys r us. Now my youngest keeps banging on my fish tank with toys not really sure how to stop that. Good luck .

Sharon - posted on 11/21/2010




My guy is the same, but a few months younger so I'm sure he's going to get much worse in the upcoming months, eeek. We have 2 REALLY wide entrances to the kitchen as our house is open-plan, so none of the baby gates fit either. I've had to put up playpen sides and have them kinda wedged in behind a couple of other things. It gets annoying when I want to get in there, but it sure saves alot of little fingers trying to get into everything.

Carisa - posted on 11/20/2010




You should be able to put the same locks you have on your cabinets on the drawers too. I also moved the knives to the back of the drawer where they are out of reach. My daughter is the same way, I'm constantly yelling "Madeline, get out of there!"

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