I have 3 year twins boy and girl. We just start daycare, girl likes it and my son crying hysterically refuse to go there, I guess the teacher was rising voice to other child and that scared him. I am working full time, cannot afford daycare and a nanny. How can i fix situation?


Tamyra - posted on 05/18/2012




I worked in daycare for 16 years. The teacher should not be raising her voice anyway. If it were me I would talk to the teacher and let her know that your son gets very upset when he hears loud voices. It's tough because you don't know if the teacher will get upset or not. I learned a long time ago to protect my child no matter what the teacher thinks. Some kids are more frightened of loud voices or changes in tone. I would talk to the teacher and see if she is understanding. If she doesn't I would talk to the director. Something is scaring him to make him refuse not to go. Good Luck.


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Louise - posted on 05/19/2012




It is very odd to have one child react like this whilst the other twin is happy. It is even odder that he prefers to be away from his twin. I would send him back to nursery and ask to stay for the session so that you can see exactly what is stressing him out. It may just be the sheer amount of children he is exposed to or the fact that everything is a new experience. Stay with him and feed him positive remarks about things and boost his ego and encourage him to take part. You may need to stay a couple of times but it will be worth it to have him settled.

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