I have a 3 year old son and he likes to have his hands in his pants all the time! I know that this is normal for kids to discover themselves and I am working on teaching him that we only do it in the home and not out in public! The problem I am having is that my husband thinks its confusing to my son to teach him that he can do it in one area and not another! I disagree, I think he needs to know its ok to touch himself as long as we are not outside! not sure what to do here! Any advice anybody can give me would be most appreciated! Thank you


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Gabrielle - posted on 03/08/2012




My son usually only does it at night. if he is wearing shorts and a shirt to bed i end up finding him asleep with his hand down his pants. its a male thing. my husband will sit in his chair and have his hand partway down his pants. he says its comfortable and that guys just wanna make sure nothing runs away down there. lol

Holly - posted on 02/19/2012




I totally agree with you Kay! And that was well said! luckily his daddy understood what I was telling him! So that is the rule that we are both going by now! Thank you for your advice!

Katherine - posted on 02/19/2012




It's perfectly normal as you know and possible a "guy" thing. Just tell him when it's appropriate and when it's not.

Kay - posted on 02/18/2012




Is it confusing to teach him that it is okay to use the bathroom but not other rooms for those functions? Or to teach him that we can use a slightly louder tone outdoors than we do inside? Kids are smarter than we often give them credit for, and they understand geo-constrained behaviors (I just made that term up) in a lot of different locations. For instance, my five year picked up very quickly that there are different rules for church, our house, and his Nanny's house.

If it were me, I'd remind Dad about examples like this, because most likely your son already knows that some things are okay in some places but aren't in others.

Good luck! :)

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