I have an 18month old and I want to get her on a bedtime schedule. Any ideas on how I can go about t

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She goes to bed at any time from 9 to 2 in the moring and she has one nap a day for about an hour.


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my son has been on a routine pretty much since birth, but in order to do that it was a matter of having a set bed time he sleeps from 7pm -7am. i would just put her to bed at that time, and let her know that at 7pm she will be going to bed, and even if she starts making a fuss, she has to stay in bed. even if she doesnt go to sleep till midnight or so, wake her up at 7am to start the day
the first few days she may be tired and very cranky, but hopefuly after about the 3rd day she will start to get the picture. also when she goes down for her nap, if she is extremely tired from going to bed late and being up at 7am, dont put her down before 10am, as she may count this as part of her night time sleep and it wont work..

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When my son was doing that at that age, I just put him in bed and let him fuss about it or made him be still until he fell asleep. I also made sure he was tired (purposely wore him out) and full shortly before bed time. I would go by a schedule of turning off lights the hour before wanting him to go to bed and just walked/played in dim lighting to help calm him down before bed time. The lights were the key thing to making him sleepy, it still works today.

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