I have raised a baby since she was born and she just turned 1 last month. Her father as full custody rights and I am not the real mother. He gets disability and takes advantage of me and does not treat me the way that I would like to be treated. If I left him, is there any way that I could possible get some sort of rights to the baby. She calls me Mama and I would never leave if I can't resume my relationship with her. Please let me know if anyone has advice.


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That's tough 😢 but please please don't leave the baby 😇 you came into her life to look after her she needs you , but deck atdmt look into it , are you in Australia ?

Raye - posted on 09/03/2015




If you are not the biological parent, then you have no legal rights to the child. If you go to court, you may be awarded visitation, but it's up to the judge and the laws where you live. Maybe you and her father need to get into counseling to try to save the relationship. If you only stay for her and continue to be unhappy, then she will pick up on your unhappiness and she will be unhappy also. What's the point of staying if you're all going to be miserable?

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