I have the fussiest toddler on the planet!!!

Lisa - posted on 02/03/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Getting my son to try anything new is like pulling teeth. He will only eat a handfull of things, no matter how much different foods we try to expose him too. He was a great eater, and would try anything until about 18 months.

He is now 2 1/2, and this is all he will eat:

Mac and Cheese (I have even tried to sneak things in his mac and cheese, such as ground beef, small chunks of ham, veggies etc...but as soon as he see's anything other than his plain ole mac and cheese, he wont eat it!)

Bread with butter (again, Ive tried putting a thin layer of pb or cheeze whiz or jam...as soon as he realizes that anything other than butter is on it, he wont touch it)

Onion Rings


Small hamburgers from Mickey D's.

The problem is trying to get him to try something new. Does anyone else have this problem? And was there any snacks your fussy toddlers loved? I am pretty much willing to try anything at this point, lol. Thank god he loves his vitamins!


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Char - posted on 02/03/2009




My daughter went through a really bizarre fussy period for 6 months where all she would eat was pasta with a tomato sauce and grapes and cheese...and fruit.
If I were you I'd completely cut out hamburgers and fries and onion rings.
This sounds weird, but if you don't give him these things he will get hungry enough to eat other stuff. I think the key is to cut out the fried/fatty food though.

Kellie - posted on 02/03/2009




My son is picky as well.  I do not conform to him though.  I make what I make for supper and he either eats it or doesn't eat at all.  He is not suffering by any means and my daycare provider tells me he eats good for her.  I wouldn't make special food for him.  He'll eat if he's hungry or at least try it.  I don't force him to eat anything because one night I talked him into just trying something and he vomited at the table.  My son loves goldfish, teddy grahms and fruit snacks for snack.  He's never been a big snacker though.

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