I hope I'm not the only one that has experienced this! Our son, who will be 4 tomorrow :) is in a phase (for the 2nd time) of not wanting anything to do with his daddy! I assure you his daddy is wonderful. Anyone have any exp with this?

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Our son, who will be 4 tomorrow :) is in a phase (for the 2nd time) of not wanting anything to do with his daddy! I assure you his daddy is sweet, kind, caring, and attentive. I recently resigned at work and have been a SAHM, again (since December 9th,2011), but I start a new, more demanding job, next Monday (Feb 6, 2012). MY thoughts are that he loves the 1 on 1 attention he gets when Mom is not working. I was a SAHM til he was 2 and a half. Right before I went to work in June of 2010, he was in this phase. Now, again, while I'm not working. There are 13 years between him and his half-sister, 17 years between him and the next oldest so he is here with Mom alone except when dad comes home from work. If anyone has exp w this, I'd love some advice! Our son gets MAD when I even talk to Dad and definitely doesn't want Dad to talk to him. He is MEAN about it too. I've tried everything from punishing w time outs simply for the mean look on his face.. to ignoring the behavior for a few days at a time... with no change what so ever. I am hoping the 1 on 1 time with Dad that my new career (yay me!) will create will be the answer... if not this is going to be very interesting to say the least Help!?!


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I think he knows that there is going to be change in the house again and he is not happy about it, could be he thinks daddy is taking you away from him some children are like that I know my daughter does the whole you can't talk to mom I am talking to her even if mom and dad have been talking first. I would encourage hubby to spend more time with him before you start work maybe take him to the park by himself or even to his first movie a fun day with just him and dad might do the trick.


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Thx for the feedback! @ Tina. I have asked him this many times when Dad's not around and a cpl times in front of Dad. He just says "I don't want to talk to him" and/or "you can't talk to him either". -Never really a straight answer. @ Michelle. This is what several of my friends have said.. that I should just create more chances for them to be together w/o me more and even Daddy says he's only like this when I"m around.. When they are alone together he's fine and I know that's true because when I'm just getting home, he's all snuggled up w dad or they're playing a game or something and he's perfectly fine. It's happening mainly when I'm around.. or pretty much ONLY when I'm around.

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Have you tried asking why he is mad with dad. Maybe get him alone and find out what is bothering him.

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