i know im a bad mom. but i dont want to be..

Jane - posted on 10/14/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a beautiful energetic three year old little girl who loves to talk literally 24/8 and is so so smart..i dont know how to start this post..but i need to reach out because i do feel like i have a problem internally..you see me and her biological father switch week by week every friday and i work graveyard...for months now ive felt like such a horrid mom..and honestly im positive i am..all i do is sleep and when im awake i have no eneegy to even want to talk to her because most of the time theyre just stories i dont understand and again i dont have the energy or the patience..there are times i snap at her because of how much talking she does...i dont really play with her..i mean ..i mean i have good days where ill play and read stories and play pretend with her dollies, but for the most part i just sit on the couch on my phone and i put a movie on for her and feed her when she says shes hungry..i know i suffer from depression..but i dont even have insurance for counceling for it..i want to cry almost every day and i bash my parenting every day because honestly its true...i should be going to the paek and listening to her silly stories that dont make sense and draw with her and read to her..but i dont...i need advice..please dont bash me for not being the mother i should be..help me take the steps to be the mother i WANT and NEED to be for ky precious little girl...i dont want her to grow up hating me or with issues mentally because i wasnt emotionally present..i feel pretty trapped..i love my daughter and i want to be the greatest mom i can be for her...but with my graveyard schedule and depression it makes ke feel too tiered/lazy/uninterested in what she wants or being involved daily...i feel so neglectful...


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Nompumelelo - posted on 11/05/2016




All moms question whether we are doing it right or not. Sounds like you going through a rough patch but the fact that you know that for me means you already are a great mom. No one is perfect and no one gets a mom manual with a baby. Give yourself a break, take it one day at a time and everything will turn out OK.

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