I'm actually the grandmommie and take care of my grandson everyday.....My daughter and grandson both live with me...I have been very worried about little Carter for sometime now.....

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I have begged my daughter to have my grandson checked out for autisum for almost a year now...She becomes very angry with me when I approach her with the subject....I can't even talk to her about it...She is in total denial about the subject....How can I make her understand I am not attacking her in anyway? I love my grandson more than life it self...Just want to be sure he can get all the help he can...He just turned 3 years old....The father is not in the picture at all....I have no legal rights to have him checked out on my own....Can someone please give me some advice? A caring loving grandmommie


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Kirsty - posted on 12/01/2013




my 3 year old is currently being assessed for autism and he needs a lot of extra help in school. Perhaps the best ways to approach the subject is to explain that with him getting older he will be in school soon and unless he has all the help he needs in school unfortunately he may fall behind maybe this will help her reconsider her options. The other way to approach it is to be very understanding and say you know she is doing a brilliant job with him but everyone needs support especially if he can be a handful which i know my little boy can be. Perhaps she feels if she asks for help that shes not doing her job or that if he has autism that she must have done something wrong so maybe shes needs to understand that whatever the outcome theres mothing she could have done to prevent it. If she takes him to be assessed she can have so much help and support and especially as a single mother the extra support can give a new burst of life when you feel no-one understnds. I have workshops to attend to with others mothers and support groups so riley (my son) can be around other children with special needs. He gets a 1 to 1 in school to help him concentrate and we have people who come out to the house to work with riley along with a speech therapist (hes not very vocal). So having him assessed could make a world of difference to not only your grandson but your daughters life too however if she still chooses to ignore it when he starts nursery it will be picked up on and they will start some proceedings such as having some one assess him in nursery and put help in place for him in the setting. i hope this has helped xxx

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If he just turned 3 he should be getting a yearly health and wellness check up along with his flu shot. Most pediatricians will check behavior and have you fill out a development form to look for Autism.

I think most parents wonder at some point about their child, especially when they go through the not listening, responding, temper tantrum phase which is normally between 2-3. Usually it is just the child's frustration at communicating other times it is something else.

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