I'm afraid I am going to snap!!! In desperate need of advice!

Maria - posted on 01/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 2 toddlers (2 and 3 yrs). I have not slept for a full night since I had my first child. I am used to waking up several times a night (WHY my kids wont sleep through the night is a whole other question)

My daughter (age 2 1/2 yr) used to be a FANTASTIC sleeper. I would put her in her crib, tell her i love her, close the door and without a peep she would go to sleep.

When she turned 2 she learned to climb out of her crib, naturally I turned it to a toddler bed, that is when my life started going down hill.

She now WILL NOT SLEEP. I have tried everything. We have a routine every night; dinner, baths, pajamas, they get in bed, i sing them a song, they go to sleep..... only she will not go to sleep.

I have tried nice approaches such as to sing with her, cuddle with her, sit next to her bed, sit on the other side of the room, hold her hand, rub her belly/back.

I have tried harsh approaches such as repetatively putting her back in her bed a hundred times, scolding her, etc.

I have even tried to turn out ALL the lights and have everyone else go to bed and all she does is wander around the house talking, waking everyone up, getting into trouble, and making a mess. She will stay up as late as 1 am.

Everyone is my family is suffering. My 3yr old son isnt getting enough sleep, I am not getting any sleep. I am absolutely exhausted every day. I am having trouble doing every day tasks, I can't focus and most importantly I am losing patience for my kids. I don't want to act violently towards them, but I am SO burnt out and frustrated.


Jessica - posted on 01/17/2013




Have you thought about bringing her outside before supper or after supper for an hour.
Or maybe if your still giving her a daily nap, she might just not need it. I have two kids one boy that is almost three and a 8 month old daughter. I had to stop putting my son for a nap during the day for the same problem.. and i also realised that he just wasnt getting enough exercise. He needs to play outside atleast two hours everyday, one hour in the morning and one hour at night and oh boy does he sleep well at night !

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