I'm soooo exhausted with my 2 year old's tantrums....Any Advice?

Artrice - posted on 07/16/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son turned 2 years old on April 30th. He has the WORSE tantrums I've ever seen in a child. He hits me, runs off and tries to tear up things. I'm sooo worried. How will this affect him as he grows (as a preschooler, teenager, adult)? My husband believes in spanking his butt...I believe in some spanking...but how can I tell him to stop hittng if I'm spanking him? We went on our first vacation to Florida. Out of the 5 days he had one day with no tantrums. It was so upsetting and embarrassing. I'm crying often and I feel like I'm doing something so wrong. Does anyone have advice on ways to help? Time-out DOES NOT WORK! Thanks for any tips...


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Gina - posted on 07/16/2012




Hi! I'm going through this problem with my 2.5 year old toddler boy as well! I feel like I'm terrified to go out in public with him because he always causes horrible scenes, and yes, I'm just like you! I run out of places hiding my face in shame and find myself crying after. In my case, my kid doesn't hit me, but he does hurt himself (he'll throw is head back and many times it hits the concrete in the process). I know the horrible feeling you get when people stop and stare.

Anyway lately I've come to the conclusion that when it happens it's better to just let it run its course, it seems like the more I try to get him to stop the worse it gets, so I just hold him (if he lets me at that moment) or simply sit and wait for him to get the crying out of his system.

I've also noticed a pattern as to when it happens, it's usually when he is sleepy, tired, hungry or a combination of both. When it's not related to one of these things then it's usually related to him wanting something and not getting his way, so I try to distract him with something else, (this doesn't always work at the moment he's crying uncontrollably but does work when he's beginning to calm down) also bribery seems to help, I tell him that if he cooparates I will give him (jello, his favorite toy or snack etc) and this seems to get him to react! I know bribery isn't the best thing but sometimes it's the only thing that works (at least in my case).

As far as this being a developmental problem, I think it's fairly normal, (there's a reason why they're called the terrible 2's). Sometimes I stress about that too, but remind yourself that it's a phase most kiddos go through, maybe ours are just a bit more determined and strong willed so it may not be a bad trait in the future.

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