I'm stuck on this potty training stuff HELP ME

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My lo is 2yrs old and a month she says pee pee toilet I take her sit her dwn and she stays for about 3 minutes and she says finished. So I try to take her every 10 minutes and she doesn't want to stay sitting dwn after the first time. Then she wants the pamper back on cuz she doesn't want the panties and she says no more toilet.


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It sounds like she is not ready to be at the place you are at yet. She just turned 2 yrs old. Give her time. That is great she wants to sit and that she will sit for 3 mins. Encourage that and be where she is at in this process. This is her learning process....allow her to guide it. Remember this is a learning process. Just like learning how to read you can't just put a book in front of a child and expect them to read it right from the start. First they learn their letters, then the sounds of their letters, then they learn how to put those sounds together to make words. This is the same with potty training. You can't expect to put a potty out and then the child automatically potty trains. They first have to learn their body and how it feels to need to go pee and poop. They are learning what the potty is and how that all works. Then slowly they figure out how it all works together. My youngest started by sitting on the potty with clothes on and then would wipe (with clothes on). She was figuring out how this all works. After awhile she then would sit sometimes with clothes off.......and so forth. Praise her where she is at. Don't push her to be where she is not ready to be at. Encourage her to progress.....but again don't force or push. When my daughter was your daughter's age she was doing nothing with the potty. By time she was 2 1/2 yrs old she was completely potty trained.....day and night. Each child moves at their own pace. Some are trained at 2 yrs, some at 2 1/2 yrs, some at 3 years and some even not until they are close to 4 yrs. You just have to allow them the time they need to figure it out.

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