I'm worried about my 3-yr-old.

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My 3-1/2-yr-old daughter's daycare provider, which she's been going to since she was 3 weeks old, suddenly sold her house and moved to another state.

Where I live, daycares are very hard to come by, but I happened to get her into a new daycare center which is located in a local church. They've only been open for a couple of weeks and are still trying to find their footing I'm sure.

Well, my daughter is having a terrible time. She started going there this past Monday, and of course had a huge meltdown when I went to leave, which I expected. Then on Tuesday I was told that she threw a rock at one of the teachers. I was shocked because that isn't normal behavior for her. Then on Wednesday, I was told she had to be reprimanded again for refusing to listen and follow instructions. Now on top of it all, she has started to stutter some. Mostly on Ws, like if she wants to ask a question, she'll say, "W-w-w-w-w-where are we going today?" It is agonizing!! I'm so worried about her that I'm about ready to say forget it and quit my job. Even though that would end up putting my family in the poor house.

I need to know if this is normal behavior and if it will pass with time. Anybody have experience with this problem?? Any advice?

Thank you in advance,

A Worried Mom


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Ponelope - posted on 08/25/2012




Hi! One of my good freinds Son Russell, who will be 3 in october , has started stuttering lately too.. Dont worry Bout that though because there isnt relly anything youcan do about it and itmight just be a phase. An about the chilcare... Whats your job? And if anythingyou should hire some one to come to your house and babysit , children will always feel more clmfertable on the comfort of there own home! I have 3 kids and one on the way im 5 monthes pregnet right now :) i hvae a full time nany that lives with me so if i ever need to leavethe house she cab watch them because i have a daycare i my home so she also works with me with that too. Hope this helped!

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