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Sara - posted on 07/30/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a mother of a beautiful little 2yr old. Recently i have been having issues with the father and i am thinking of running away. I dont know if i should take her with me until i get my life situated or if i should leave her with my parents. I dont have anywhere to go and i dont know anyone but im scared. I would absolutely love to bring her but i dont want to risk living on the streets with her. Help.


Racheal - posted on 08/02/2013




You need a plan. Look for a job, get gov't assistance, organize what you need to and then leave. No one should stay in a relationship that makes them unhappy but you are parent now. Running away and dropping your child with your parents is not an acceptable deal. Stand up and take care of yourself and your little one.

Brooke - posted on 08/08/2013




I fyou leave your child somewhere, the father can actually use that as grounds for abandonment, which may help him if he takes you to court for custody. If you are safe, take some time to make a plan before you go. If you are not safe, call the women's service or the police in your area, they should be able to help you.

Kelli - posted on 08/06/2013




Hi Sara I'm not sure where you are located and what your situation is. I live in Texas and we have an organization called The Bridge and it helps ladies with their children. They help with housing, helping you find a job while keep both you and your daughter safe. You may want to find out if you have something similar where you are. If not you have to make a plan, not just run that is unsafe as well. If he is abusing you or your daughter then you may have to go to your parents with your daughter. I would not leave my child no matter what. She needs your love more than anything else. God bless you and I will pray for you.


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Susan - posted on 08/05/2013




I don't know what your exact situation is or if it's dangerous, but I agree with the others. I just wanted to add that the father may be upset when he finds you've left and taken your daughter. If you leave your daughter with your parents or someone else and he finds out, he may come after her and that could cause problems for whoever she is with. Unless of course if you think this is extremely dangerous and there's somewhere she could be he couldn't find her, but I would think your parents would be the first place he'd look. I think you definitely want to get your plan figured out first so you can protect your daughter. She's your priority.

Salo - posted on 08/01/2013




Hi there, first sit back and relax. Try to fix things right with your partner till the end, if not for you then at least for your beautiful, so young daughter. Its not impossible but quite tough to raise a child as a single parent. Running away is not the solution. And you just can't think of leaving your daughter anywhere whether its your parents, relatives, friends or any one.she's your responsibility.no body will take care of her as you will. I will just advise you to think twice before taking any step.

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