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Ciara - posted on 07/09/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay so I'm about to be painfully honest because I'm desperate and some of you will probably judge me and that's fine but I really need advice. So I am the single mother of an incredibly active 3 yr old boy. Back in may of 2015 I got caught with a gram of weed and cps placed him with my mother. He came home in October of the same year bc I did everything they made me do. Unfortunately in march of this year I left him in the house eating his dinner and ran to a neighbors apartment real quick to throw some clothes in the dryer. He unlocked the deadbolt and came outside looking for me and a different neighbor stayed withere him until I got back which was literally less than 5 minutes but that neighbors wife called cps and I made the choice myself to send him to my mom's until I got on my feet. So I got a job so we could get out of my dad's house quit smoking weed once and for all changed my friends and everything. However I ended up losing my job July 4th and went to my mom's house to see him. She got drunk we argued she punched me in the fave and I took my son and brought him home. Since he's been home he won't listen to me at all, he talks back constantly he mocks me and literally has the attitude of a teenager. He's so bad he just won't listen to anything I say unless I spank him or put him in timeout and even then he goes right back to doing pretty much what he wants and it's like a constant fight. It's driving me crazy and I know I yell at him too much and I feel so guilty about it. I don't know what to do but his constant talking and I literally mean constant drives me crazy...he's never quiet he's never still and I have no peace whatsoever and no dad to step in...I've taken parenting classes and tbh all those techniques just seem like nice bullcrap to me. Timeout gets the best response from him but I can't put him in time out for every tiny thing he does...does anyone have any real practical advice or anything I can do? I know this is probably all my fault from the instability he's had but he starts school in august and I don't know how to break this behavior...and telling him I'm the boss and he has to listen to me isn't working nothing I've tried really works....I'm just lost and I have no one to ask bc my mother isn't a shining example and she only belittles me and tells me what a terrible mother I am...can someone please help me


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