I need help! my son (Ian) is 2 and a half. he has a little sister (melody), 6 months. When Melody was born she slept in the bed with me and their dad for the first two months then we put her in her own room. Every since she has been in her own room Ian has been coming into our room at bedtime. It started off where he would go to bed in his room and come in our room at 2 or 3am. It has now progressed to where when it comes to be bedtime he starts screaming


Sue - posted on 12/14/2012




our little one has had issues with wanting to sleep in our room off and on. it usually happens after a bout with an illness, because I will bring her into our room to sleep. we use the method where i put her to bed in her room and the first day stay until she falls asleep right next to her. then the next day i stay in the room, but move further away. sometimes i have to stay next to her for more than one night, but then progress to further away for a couple days, until she's comfortable going to sleep on her own. it helped her having special bedtime toys that she only gets in bed. she has a special bear that is 4ft tall, and i've used that by putting it next to her bed or in if she's not wanting to sleep in her bed. she also has a light bright and i know the hubby was thinking of getting her one of those stuffed toys that projects stars on the ceiling and has a timer.

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