i need help understanding if this is normal or not. i'm feeling lost,sad

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My 2 1/2 year old step son was abused and neglected from his bio mother and placed in our care in Jan 2012 and started to show some behavior i never seem before. he would hurt himself really bad or my real son who is 3 year old. well this may 2012 my step son hurt himself really bad and we had to take him into the hospital. And Children Service won't believe our story and think we abused him when we didn't and they took my real son and step son away and i'm pregnant and due really soon and scared they will take my baby away from me. i just want to understand the behavior my step son did is normal after being abused, neglect and if i can prove it. i willing to share more about my story


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On may 11,2012 he hurt himself really bad like he piniched his penis until it was black and purple and swollen and he fell on a toy we believe,got a burise on his butt cheek and we had to take him to the hospital, two days before that he climbe on a coffee table and fell and gave himself a pretty bad black eye and the docotor called children service and they took my step son and my real son away. they took my son away because i taught him to use his manners really well. they are making things up and lying about stuff and won't listen to our story. i want to know if this is normal and how i can proof this.

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OMG..that is terrible. What exactley did he do to him self? you can message me personally in my inbox and i will try to help ive been through something kind of similar with my son but he was 9. I will also share my story with you. I feel terrible :( about what has happened to you guys.

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