I need help with 2 year old's bedtime!

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My son is 29 months and I have been home on maternity leave for about a month now. I have been trying to establish a regular routine that seemed to be working over the past couple of months. Bathtime at 8:30 and bedtime at 9pm (10 the latest as our days vary). The past several nights we put him in his bed at 9:30pm only to hear him a few minutes later close the door, turn on the light, and take out his toys. We just go in put his toys away, turn out the light, put him back in bed and tell him it is time to sleep. He will do this over and over until as late as 1:30am. It is extremely frustrating and I'm not sure how to handle it as he as been increasingly defiant since I've been home.


Erica - posted on 05/10/2012




Are you still giving him a nap during the day? It sounds like he's not tired enough at bed time. Maybe eliminate day nap and get him some rough play right before bed. I use to let my daughter have books in bed to "read" until she was sleepy so she wasn't interested in getting out of bed. we turned on a little lamp for her and turned it off on our way to bed. Hope this helps!!


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Thanks Erica. Today I made sure he did not take a nap. He fell asleep standing up around nap time and the poor child had to walk a few blocks with his eyes pretty much closed. (Infant was in the carrier and I couldn't hold him) He handled it like a trooper and stayed awake the whole day. He went to bed at 10pm and was asleep by 10:30. : D

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