i need my daughter in my life!!!! please help!!!!

Maggie - posted on 10/22/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there,my name is Maggie and i was wondering if maybe you could point me in the right direction..Here's part of my story! I am 26 years old and i have a 7 year old daughter being kept from me by her father! I have not been able to see my child in four years now! I have not seen or talked to her not once. After me and her father split up he has basically ran from me with her. I so badly would love to just even be given visitation but he treats her as a piece of property and wont allow me to see or talk to her..I know that my daughter needs me and i cant keep going on without her.I will never be whole as a person until i have my little girl back! I am less-fortunate in the money part and cant afford a lawyer to help me fight my battle and i also live 4 hours away. I had no family where he resides so after our split i had to move near my family..On his last turn to have her he never brought her back to me. I need my daughter in my life so badly..I have 2 younger children that need their big sister..My two younger are from my current relationship also.They are half-siblings! I can afford to care for her and have no issues taking care of her at all but the battle with him im losing..Even when i have just tried to go to their home and see her they leave for a while until i have to return home. When i get their home number and call,they change it! I will do anything i need to just for visitation with her..I just need my baby girl! I am more than willing to share custody but obviously by the situation it cant be settled between me and her father.Ive tried everything i can. If you could help me with who to contact with a situation like this i would be so grateful. Please help me to find a way to be reunited with my daughter! My name is Maggie Vaughan and my phone number is 318-820-1398. You may also email me at anytime.I am more than happy to go into better detail if needed.

Thank you for your time,
Lost and very sad mommy,
Maggie M. Vaughan


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Jennafer - posted on 10/26/2010




I'm not sure where you live but here the mother automatically has custody of the children when the parents split up unless there has been a custody hearing (which doesn't sound like the case) especially if you two weren't married, him just taking her and running off is ILLEGAL! Its called child abduction, and he could go to jail for a very long time, although I don't think that would happen in this case since its been so long, There should be a legal aid center in your area, I would call dhs to get the details. They would deff. help you, and its free. It doesn't look good on his part that he has kept her from you for so long, but if he has reason too, that he can prove then you would have to prove differently. I would just call Legal Aide and discuss it with them and they should be able to help you figure out where you need to start. If it was me I would just sit outside their house until she came home, no matter how long it took. He can't call the cops because he will be getting himself in trouble. Good luck, Hope everything works out with you.

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