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Amy - posted on 08/15/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




My three year old girl is driving me nuts. When i try to explain things to her she hears one word out of my explanation and goes crazy. for example I tried to explain to her that we brush our teeth in the morning and before we go to sleep.
Our conversation

"Honey we have to brush our teeth"
"no no"
"we do if we dont your teeth get cavities"
(part where she throughs a huge fit)
"we brush them when we get up and before we go to bed"
"no bed i dont want to go to bed"
"no you are not going to bed right now i just said...."
(crying and panicking that she is going to bed)

No matter how much i try to explain stuff to her she doesnt want to hear it and or doesnt listen to me.
I dont expect her to have 100 percent concentration but at least 5 seconds to try to understand me the more i try to explain something the more she panics and cries. What should i do?


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Oddxbabexout - posted on 09/23/2014




One track mind syndrome.

This is very common from my understanding.

Try to keep your sentences short.

"Honey, let't brush our teeth."

"no no"

"Yes, we brush our teeth."

From there, remove any ability to rebut and handle it. Tantrums can be controlled.

It's easier with shorter sentences. To expand her vocabulary, slowly integrate more words into your sentences so that she can comprehend your intentions and begin to understand the words themselves, better.

Julia - posted on 09/23/2014




Maybe you're over explaining things. Try keeping it simple for now. We brush teeth because that's what we do. Period. Because it's what we do every day. Two times. Save explanations for when she's just a little bit older. I see in your example that you're confusing her, her little mind has gone from tooth brushing to something she doesn't understand called cavities that you're telling her she doesn't want, to bed time, which she definitely doesn't want. Her behavior is telling you something, listen. If what you're doing isn't working, change it. ;)

Natascha - posted on 08/19/2014




Toddlers are a joy...
Some of my happier memories involve my children as toddlers. The way they see life and the wonder of learning that is constantly visible in their eyes. I can't express how much I thought those little faces were perfect...right up until their little noses would scrunch up like a wrung out rag, their little lips would start to pout, and a deafening explosion of sound would erupt for their little lungs. Wow I hadn't realized that they had modeled fire sirens from the tantrums of toddlers. No wonder they show so much emotion when a fire engine is blaring to the rescue...they are communicating. But then that's the key isn't it being able to communicate an adult understanding to a toddler. It's not an easy task in any shape or form; however, you could try something as simple as a Talking to Toddlers system.....

I miss my toddlers. They taught me so much. It's my hope that when your children are in their teens that you will be able to look back and say....

Toddlers are a joy.

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