I need some major custody advice help!! NO money for a fancy lawyer..

Jennifer - posted on 05/11/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I will try to make this as short and as explanatory as I can.
My baby daddy is going to take me to court and try to get full custody of my daughter.
The situation has been extremely tricky for me. We split when Aubrey was 3 months old, I moved back in with my parents until Jan of this year. It was HELL living with my parents, and making the week on week off thing work with her dad. It eventually came down to me being literally EVICTED from living with my parents. My mom said I was just too comfortable living there. I couldn't seem to get my shit together. BUT me being evicted from my parents in JAN meant I had no where to be with Aubrey. I cried and cried to my parents explaining what this would mean for me as a parent, and since January, I haven't gone COMPLETELY in the dark from her, but I haven't had a stable place to live. I was moving from couch to couch, without a car I might add, trying to get a job and get things together. It just wasn't happening... The town I was in at the time is FULL of drug addicts.. No where was good enough to have my daughter around.
My situation is basically that I FINALLY have a stable place with the guy I have been seeing since her dad and I split. Aubrey adores him, and I have never been around a man SO amazing with kids.. I guess I just need advice on what my options are... He can't have full custody of her, it doesn't settle with me at ALL. I just have been extremely lost and confused since my parents kicked me out, not having that stable place to be with my baby...
For now, I am living several hours away from where she is with her dad, I had tried to get more stable down where she is, but the environment.. the people.. were tearing me down even harder. I want to get back with my baby, I need to prove I'm more stable even though I haven't been around like I should have been these past few months.
One thing I do have on my side.. I have a completely clean record, his is filthy, and when it comes to moral standards, he has had at least 5 other women around our daughter, as I have been with the same one since we split. And even though they may be prescribed because of a terrible accident that left his arm paralyzed, he is ALWAYS on pain pills. There have been multitudes of times I had met with him and he had white powder out of his nose without realizing it.. All I'm saying is that if I can prove his unstable mindset always on pills, I might have a stronger case. If anyone knows how off people are who are constantly on prescriptions... He's addicted to pills, and it is SO hard to communicate with him always on them.
I feel like this post is a little scattered, but it's a good view of how things are inside my head.
Someone.. anyone, please help!!!!!!!


Angie - posted on 05/11/2015




Sounds like a very painful thing to go through and my heart goes out to you. I think the court will appoint you a lawyer, that's how it works in my state. You should have a huge advantage if he has a record or a bad past.. Just don't give up, fight for your rights and pray!!

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