I really need some advice on getting my daughter to go #2 on the toilet. She used to be constipated all the time and it would hurt her almost every time she had to go, but its been about 4mos now with everything back in order, and she is scared to go on the potty. SHe thinks it will hurt??Please help I've tried everything!


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my son also refusesd to do it and would hold it. i tried being patient and having him poop in a diaper while sitting on the toilet but he even refused to do that. he knows when he has to go and has gone on the toilet before so basically i have to play mean mommy and it sucks. i give him 1/3 prune juice mixed with 2/3 grape juice every few days so he doesn't too constipated and it doesn't hurt so much. then, when i know he has to go, i will bring him into the bathroom and make him sit on the toilet until he goes. the first time he cried and got really upset and basically stood crying for about 20 minutes but then sat down and pood. while he's in the bathrom upset i will rub his back or sing or read him stories to help calm him down. also, once he has gone he gets a small treat, like a freezie or some popcorn. it's a horrible ordeal, but if you can get past the first few times it gets better and she won't be so afraid once it doesn't hurt to poop anymore.

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