I started a home daycare, and currently i am taking care of another one year old with my daughter. It has been a month and the one year old i take care of cry's all the time. I cannot leave the room, i cannot do anything fun like playing with the both of them..... He just seems to cry all day long and i have exhausted all i know what to do. Any suggestions.


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User - posted on 04/14/2012




Thanks Sarah,

I have put on his favorite cartoon, I learned that quickly. But what I did just discuss with his mom was he was only coming 3 days a week because her mom wanted him twice a week.... So I suggested he just come to my house for full weeks so he can get into our routine. I just feel so bad for him, crying and everything but I do realize i need to carry on with my regular daily routine its just hard. Im hoping in the next 2 weeks we are able to find a happy medium. Thanks again.

Sarah - posted on 04/11/2012




I have had a few like this. It is hard to see them cry, but sometimes that is all you can do. Does he come everyday? Here is what I have found with the few I have watched that cry all day. It does get better. The more often and regularly they come the sooner it gets better. I just go about my day like I normally would. I found that if I tried to comfort the one that is crying it would only make it worse. So I would just sit on the floor and play with the other kids. When he was ready then he could come and play also or play on his own if he wished. At first all he would do was cry all day, but after awhile he slowly started to play on his own without crying so much. Then he started to play with the others. He now hardly ever cries and is a very happy, smilely boy. His mom even tells me that he gets SO excited in the car when he realizes that he is coming to my house. He has become comfortable here and with everyone and also knows our routine. I did find that sometimes having a kid friendly cartoon on in the morning when he was dropped off helped.....took his attention off mom/dad leaving. So I would say if you can hang in there and deal with the crying for awhile it will most likely get better.

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Thanks, I have spoke to mom... She kinda laughs. I just want him to be happy... I try everything I know... I am a mother of 3 girls and never have had this problem. I just feel bad that I would have to give up.. As well my little girl is very good, and I don't want her to develop or take on his anxiety's either... Thanks again. Just trying to figure it out.. :(

Louise - posted on 04/11/2012




Speak to the mother about this. You may find he is suffering with separation anxiety. Is he the same at home with her?

If you give him another couple of weeks and there is no change then give it up. You are causing him and you stress. Your child does not need that either. I know it is difficult finding other children to mind but really some children just want to be with mum end of!

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