i still have 2 rock my 17 mo. old daughter to sleep... is that normal?


Lise - posted on 01/29/2012




Yes, it can be normal. Not for all babies, but for some. People are comforted to sleep in many different ways. I watch TV, my husband HAS to be wrapped in a blanket (even when it's boiling hot), etc. The question is - are you okay with it? If yes, keep doing it - no worries! If you WANT to stop, that is something different. I would work on slowly fading it out - rocking less and less (time-wise) or as Jackie mentioned.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it - just as the saying goes...

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I still rock my 13 month old guy to sleep, but it went from a constant rock to a slight sway...so maybe try that out, whereby you slow down the rock to a gradual forward and back motion??

Best of luck

Nicky - posted on 01/26/2012




i believe that its just something that she is used to. so for her its normal. its a bad habit that was started..its usually hard to break them from those types of things. i would just lay her in her bed when she seems tired and sing to her or rub her back(which also could become a bad habit i rubbed my 10 yr olds back till he was 4) but anything to get her off the rocking.. whatever you find that works i would just do temporarily so you dont run into this problem again :) i wish you luck hun!

Alexandra - posted on 01/25/2012




No its not normal! Why not try to put her in the crib sing her a song or read a story and teach her to sleep on her own it will take some time but dont give up for the fisrt few nights sit by her bed until she falls asleep then stay in the middle of the room then by the door then outside the bedroom do it step by step in a week or so she will learn to sleep on her own

well I hope this helps just be persistented


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