If i hear whining ONE MORE TIME....

Sarah - posted on 11/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Preface: if you dont agree with spanking, leave now.

My son will be 4 in 4 months and for some reason he has started whining and crying every day!! he wakes up whining, he goes thru the day whining, if he misbehaves, he whines when i correct him. i'm really close to the edge w/this behavior. i have learned that if i imitate him when he whines he will stop and speak to me normally, the part that i cant control is when he whines after i correct him. i will tell him he needs to take a time out and he automaticaly starts crying/whining. so then i tell him he needs to stop crying/whining and he gets louder and starts telling me what he wants to do: play, ride bike, watch TV etc. it makes me angry becuz he is TOTALLY ignoring me when i tell him to stop and stay in time out. i am on constant repeat saying "noah, stop whining and sit down. noah you are not to be talking, sit down. noah, i have asked you to stop and sit down"....this is what i do most of the morning before i end up spanking him and then he whines that his behind hurts becuz i spanked him!!! aaarrrgghhh! HELP!


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It's sounds mean, but it works. My daughter just turned 4 last month & since she was old enough to through little fits I've done the ignoring thing. My daughter can throw some pretty bad tantrums and scream her head off and I have certain times I step in and discipline her for how she is acting, but most of the time I just continue on with what I'm doing. Her little fits usually end pretty quickly now when she see's that I'm not paying attention to her. Her major tantrums though, if she is kicking, screaming... it's an automatic spanking, a pop on the mouth or both depending on how bad it is and I take her to her room by herself until she calms down. Then she comes out and acts like nothing happened. It will take time to get used and it is always worse before it gets better... but stay consistant & he will learn that "oh... mommy is really ignoring me." Good luck! I really hope your able to calm him down.

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I did the same thing as Amy. My son would start whining and I would just say "I"m sorry do you hear something?" "I can't understand what you are saying" he finally figured out that I would not acknowledge anything he asked for unless he spoke normally. As far as not listening to you when you put him in time out.. I had to stand behind my son and make sure he stood in the corner. He needed to know that I was in charge and would make him stand in the corner. It is not convenient but in the long run we are both better for it. I also set an egg timer so to him it didn't seem like the time out was never going to end. When you set an end time to the punishment they are more likely to listen to you because they really know it is not forever.


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Amy - posted on 11/21/2012




I know it's easier said then done but just ignore him. If he's asking for something and he isn't speaking properly just say "I'm sorry I don't understand what you want we you whine," and then walk away and keep ignoring him.

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