Im still nursing my 2.5yrsr old daughter.Kindly help me...

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Hi my daughter is 2.5 yrs old.Im breastfeeding her yet.I tried weaning for a very long time but it is not working at all.I’m the only person who is taking care of her all the time.My husband is busy at work and he doesn’t want her to cry in night as his sleep is getting disturbed.I’ve to rock her to sleep and if she gets disturbed or if she wakes up in night she will start to nurse as she is sleeping in our bed. I’m not sure how to stop feeding her without any help and disturbance.Really i’ve no clue how to do it as i cannot make her to cry out by herself to sleep because my husband will not allow me to do it.I’m the only person who will be blamed for this.Really need some ideas from you guys.please..


Michelle - posted on 08/09/2018




You need to get her out of your bed for a start.
Your husband will have to put up with a few nights of interrupted sleep if you are serious about weaning.
I think you are also getting comfort from it as much as your daughter though. You have all sorts of excuses as to why you have to nurse her during the night. By this age there is no need for her to be wanting anything during the night.
I am also concerned about your fear of your husband. He needs to understand that having children will disrupt your lives and sleep. He got you pregnant so he can help look after his daughter. Maybe on a night where he has the next day off he can get up to her during the night.
You also need to stop rocking her to sleep, she needs to learn how to self settle. It isn't helping any of you in the long run and it's a very hard habit to break.

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