Is 2 years old too old to wean from BF using a bottle???

Justine - posted on 05/05/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 23 months and I want to start weaning him so he could be done breastfeeding by his 2nd birthday. I tried to start but it was a fail when it comes to bed time. We co sleep so he wakes up at least 3 times a night to BF. I started a new job an I be really tired when its time to get up because of so much interupted sleep during the night. I was just wondering if maybe using a tommee tippee bottle might be helpful or hurtful. Please Help!!!!


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Myranda - posted on 05/06/2014




I would not use a bottle to transition him off. If you are just trying to get him stop using you i would pump and put the milk in a sippy cup before bed or just give him a snack and a cup of milk before bed. Try using a cup with a straw it might be easier for him to suck the milk out of. He is old enough that you can tell him no more mommy big boys get a sippy and snack before bed. It will be hard the first couple of nights but he should get it. If your ready i would transition him to his own room or own sleeping area so he is not waking up and wanting you. Also you can let your milk supply decrease which will help wean him

Sarah - posted on 05/06/2014




At almost 2 yrs I would not use a bottle. Docs want babies off the bottle and onto sippy or regular cups by 12 months. Also at 2 yrs there is no need for milk in the middle of the night. Right now that has become habit....With you right there it is very easy and convenient for him to continue with the habit. I am not sure if you are ready but it might work best for him to be in his own bed. This way you are not so convenient for him to go to nursing each time he moves around.

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