Is it normal for a 2.5 year old to keep repeating words?

Carrie - posted on 12/29/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son will say - "crafts mommy" for example. I will say - sure we can do crafts, right after I finish feeding your brother (9 months old). He says - ok. Then 3 seconds later - mommy, crafts? Crafts? Crafts? Like every 3 seconds my 2.5 year old is repeating words. It doesn't matter what I say, it doesn't matter if I answer him or not, it doesn't matter what my response is, it doesn't matter what tone of voice I use, it doesn't matter who he is asking, he will keep repeating it. I know it is normal for them to repeat some things some times, but he does it a lot. I always talk calmly to him, but if it takes me 10 minutes to feed his brother, by minute nine I say - I will get your crafts in a minute, but this time I am close to the yelling stage. I do think he understands, his hearing has been tested and is fine, developmentally he is right where he should be, and we don't have any other issues with him. He is a mild mannered, sweet little boy. Any ideas or suggestions for my 2.5 year old repeating words?


Jenny - posted on 05/28/2012




Totally normal! Kids do get excited and for those with kids who keep talking about the same thing- they still have something to say about it. This could be due to excitement and it having a good impact on them/makes them literally feel good about saying it or talking about it or maybe they have/had a negative experience and need the parent to continue conversation until they feel better in whatever way. They are learning to, so this can be a process in order to process what's happening and has happened. This is also practicing language and verbal skills, which takes repetitive behavior at this age ( the brain is very special that way). As far as the original poster, kids at this age have no concept of time. A more helpful approach while feeding the other child would be to state what you already stated, but give an alternative project or way to busy himself while he is waiting. In the least if you know you will be busy needing to do something or feeding, find something he can do while you are doing this. The more we set up/provide structure beforehand (explain in minimal/simple words) with our little ones at this age, they more secure/content and easier adaptability they have and show. Kids at this age want things now and understandably get excited at the thought of doing something they like, especially when it involves mommy/daddy time. So if a promise of something in order to pacify a child this age in this situation- is not better. We might want to say something like, "DS mom has to feed right now, so what can you do while I do feed so and so, do you have any ideas?" or " Mom has to feed right now, you can do this or that, which do you want? Let the child pick and stay involved/engaged verbally as he does what he does, if he needs it. After that I would say, "thank you for being so helpful/patient ( even though he won't understand the word at this time, say it anyway) while I fed, lets do a craft together now." This is age appropriate, and teaches the beginning foundation of patience,and will also eventually after a few times create a positive association between mom feeding/spending time with the sibling. It cuts down on feelings of neediness and that automatic clinging when mom has to attend to the other sibling. Hope this helps. =)

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My 2 year old daughter is repeating words all the time. I think it's her way of letting me know she can say it and she just gets excited about it and wants to keep saying it. I hear many different words and sentences all day and most of them have Daddy in them. It's cute to listen to her talk but sometimes I wish I had a mute button. LOL!

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My four year old is exactly the same! They're just reminding you that they want to do something. I acknowledge her once and then ignore her if she continues. Once i have finished what i am doing i then ask her what she wants and we then go play! She still nags and nags but if you ignore them you don't go insane repeating the same thing over and over!!!!

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my niece does this too when we go to her house because i just had a baby, so she yells baby baby baby baby... she'll do it for hours. the first time it was super cute, but after 5 weeks of it... lol its a little frustrating. i say yes tanya auntie had a baby, do you want to kiss him? and she gives him a kiss and says baby! shes 17 months, wonder what itll be like a year from now? lol

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My daughter does this to me aswell, i answer her and if she keeps going on about it i tell her that i said yes we can do it, when i have finished what i am doing, don't ask me again or we want do the activity, just wait like a good girl and we will do it as soon as i have finished. But make sure you follow through with doing the activity when you are finished, he will start to believe you.

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Heather - posted on 10/27/2010




my son does it too! hes 23 months old he will be 2 in 2 weeks and anything he says that is exciting he will say it over and over again! he seen an airplane today and all i heard for about an hour and a half was mommy mommy airplane, mommy airplane airplane airplane, mommy mommy mommy airplane airpalne airplane! i no how annoying it is i wish i had a mute button because it doesnt matter how many times i say yes ian theres an airplane how cool or whatever he says it more! if i ignore him he says it more and louder!

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