Is it normal that my 18 month old isn't talking at all?

Endia - posted on 07/19/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 18 month old isn't saying words at all. She babbles but she doesn't say words except "dada" and im not even sure if she associates that with her father. I try to point out stuff to her and she doesnt look at the object but my hand. And she never points to tell me something, like say a cup. I tried talking to her father about maybe she might have a problem or speech delay( i had one too at that age) but he and everyone else thinks she's fine, she's a baby she'll get it eventually.

But im so worried its eating me inside and because of financial problems we haven't been to the doctors since about may and won't go til probably mid august. I know that it may take babies a while to speak but i keep reading she should have SOME VOCABULARY, like 5 words and she has none at all.

Has this happen to anyone?

EDIT:I forgot to say, she can comprend some things said to her such as 'sit down' and 'come here' but doesn't respond to things like, go get your cup or the ball.


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Don't worry if she is babbeling then there is nothing wrong here. Keep singing to her and playing nursery rhymes. Within 6 months she will start to say more words. Languange is learnt through repetition and play so make things fun and sing and play with her the same song every day until she picks up the words. Also playing peeka boo will help her to speak as she should pick up the word boo quickly.

Dont panic there is nothing serious going on here. If there is no speech by 2 years 6 months then you need to see a speech therapist. Until then work with her every day using lots of smiles as encouragement.

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At 18 months majority of children do have a few words. She could just be a late talker or there could be an issue. However, at 18 months the main communication is non-verbal. Your daughter should be understanding a lot of what you say and be able to respond to statements like where is the ball by pointing to the ball in her view or do you want milk? by nodding or leading you to what she wants. I wouldn't be too concerned yet but you can get an evaluation for free through the state. They will come to your home and play with your daughter and then let you know if she needs intervention. Just google your state and "early intervention" or "birth-3" to find the number.

ETA: I didn't see the previous post. Great link Cherish.

Cherish - posted on 07/19/2012




The not talking is not as concerning as the not pointing and not looking at what you are pointing to.Does she nod "no" or wave bye bye?Will she try to copy you?You can get her evaluated for free(in the US) and if there is a need,they also provide free therapy.
Here is the link to the CDC web site,it will tell you what she would be doing and the warning signs.There is also a number there that you can call to contact early intervention in your state to set up a free evaluation


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Endia - posted on 07/19/2012




Thank you so much everyone! I will try to sing the same song to see if she picks it up. I will also see about the evaluation just to be "safe". Cherish, she does try to copy me.

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