Is it ok to take a bath with my 3 year old baby girl

Tiffany - posted on 05/23/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Is it ok to take a bath with my toddler 3 years old a girl . Yesterday I let her take one on her own and then took mine


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Of course it is. I don't take baths w/ my kids, but I don't take baths. My 3 year old son is frequently in the shower w/ me though. I won't take a shower w/ my 9 year old girls, but they take up too much room. ;) They ARE in and out of the bathroom while I am in there though.

Meagan - posted on 05/23/2011




There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. A 3 year old is still little. She may know to wash her hair, face, body, etc, and may know to be careful, but she still isn't old enough to be trusted alone to take a shower. Slips happen and a child can drown in barely any water. I dont know if you were with her or not, but if that's what you mean, she's too young. Now, if you mean is it appropriate, there's nothing wrong with it, in my books I remember taking showers with my mom when I was 5 or 6, mostly when we were on a time constraint, because it was quick. If she WANTS to shower "alone", and you don't mind, then let her. Just make sure you stay in the bathroom with her (which I'm sure you do). Otherwise, I don't see a problem with it. =]

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