Is it reflux or food allergy causing his congestion?

Eva - posted on 11/27/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has acid reflux and has been on the same dosage of zantac for about 2 months 1ml - he was born at 35 weeks and is now going to be 4 months on december 5- He has no other allergy symtoms other than persistant congestion for about 3 weeks now. the dr at 2 month visit switched him to nutramigen for no other reason other than gas- My son refused to drink and I broke down and finally tried soy which he has been great on except congestion which started in mid october- (he had been drinking soy for a month) I am unsure if it is being caused by his reflux or a food allergy although he has no other symtoms, he is happy playful, poops fine. any one with same thoughts?


Kimberly - posted on 12/01/2012




My daughter was 32 weeks and the first 2 years of her life she had congestion all through the winter. It was so frustrating! Turns out there was mold in the walls of the apartment we were in. She also had really bad reflux. As long as your baby stays at a healthy growth pattern in weight and height, acts happy and normal, is pooping regularly, then just wait it out and keep him as comfortable as possible. My daughter was the opposite, the congestion and reflux (only in her first year) effected her eating habits and she didn't gain weight for 3 months straight! Which was very scary.

I've never heard of a food or reflux making a person congested. Those two systems (the respritory and digestive) usually stay separated. That's what her gastroenterologist told me because, believe me, I asked.

Lactose intollerance is actually quite common, so I'd say keep up with the soy formula, if need be, try as many lactose-free options as you can. We tried Soy Similac, Peptamin Jr, Pediasure 2 and regular Pediasure when she got older. They all worked for a period of time, then we had to switch it to something else because my daughter would get bored and not eat. Variety is the spice of life I guess!

As for the congestion; is there a bug going around? Is there mold or mildew anywhere? Could it be seasonal allergies? I'd say do a little investigating. Check out your child's environment, where he spends every day. Sanitize the toys. Air out the house, maybe all the house needs is a bit of fresh air wafting through. Take your kid for a walk through the park, maybe he just needs some fresh air too. Just keep in mind, that sometimes, with the 'forever cold' as I like to call it, you just have to wait it out. When the seasons change and spring comes along you'll probably see that your child suddenly has clear nasal passages! Yay!

Katherine - posted on 11/30/2012




My daughters both had reflux......neither was congested. Hope that helps!


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