Is it true that babies' height on their 18th month times 2 is their height when they become adults?

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I hear this from a lot of people but I have read any research or literature about it.


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My pediatrician has been in business for 37 years and he said that in his experience (and he's seen MANY children grow to adults) this is generally NOT TRUE. He said that sometimes, it's accurate. Sometimes, a child will be 3 feet at age 2 and grow to be 6 feet tall...sometimes they only grow to be 5'7". It's all genetics. He said on average, in his experience, girls usually grow to be somewhere in between the mother's height and the father's height. He said boys tend to grow as tall as the father (or mother, whichever is tallest). In some cases, like ours, I'm the tallest female in my family at 5'9" and my husband is the shortest male in his family at 5'10". Our son is in the 95th percentile for height and our doctor predicts that he will be at least 6 feet tall. On both sides there are tall people hubby's brothers are all at least 6 feet, and I have cousins and uncles that are well over 6 feet. It just all depends on genetics. He said that sometimes the "times 2 at age 2" thing works give or take a few inches...but mostly, it isn't very accurate. If that were the case then my friend's daughter is set to be 6'8". When she was 2 she was 3'2" and taller than the other children. Now, at 7, she's still a little taller than the other kids her age, but not by much and no one really expects her to be 6'8" tall.....

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I really hope this isn't true, because my daughter is almost 3 and she's not even 34 inches tall yet. I think it's a generalization. I've heard another one where you add the parents' heights together, divide by 2 and add or subtract 2 (I think) based on the gender of your child. Whatever.

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I was informed for a girl you measure them at 21 months (since they stop fully developing by age 18) and boys are at age 27 months (men usually do not fuly mature until age 21). My son turned 27 months and we measure him at 36 3/4", so his adult height might be 6'4.

Also these are just prediciting factors, other factors such as genetics, diet and excercise will all play major roles in how your individual child will grow and reach their maximum height.

Hope this helps


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when your child turns 2 measure them and times by 2 and that will give u an _approximate_ height as a full grown adult...

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Both my GP and our Peditrician said the same thing to me about DS - making him just over 6ft 2 fully grown - yay - Dh and I are both shorties!

Boys apparently take it from 18mths, girls at 2yrs.

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My pedi said it was, but I have never tested it. If it is then my daughter will only be 4 10

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I have read a similar thing that a baby's height at two years old is roughly half of their adult height. It worked for my final height but I sure hope it isnt accurate for my son otherwise he's going to be really short!

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