Is my 2 year old not ready to be potty trained?

Gail - posted on 05/23/2013 ( 9 moms have responded )




I am ready to start potty training my two year old but I don't think he is. He cries when I put him on the potty. I am hoping to put him in at a Christian daycare center next year but they only accept kids who are fully potty trained. I have a few months to get that done or else I must wait another year. Should I wait or just get him to get used to it?


Amy - posted on 05/23/2013




By all means you can introduce it, we had the portable potty in our living room near the toys a couple months before we started. My daughter got comfortable climbing on it, sitting on it with the top down, and then eventually with the top up with clothes on. Do not force him to sit on it just be patient, potty training is best when you don't have a gloom and doom deadline lingering.

Michelle - posted on 05/23/2013




If he's not ready and you try and force the issue then it will take a lot longer and he could possibly regress. It's best to take your cues from them and when they show you they are interested then it's time. It makes it so much easier.


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Cecilia - posted on 06/04/2013




As far as the timer goes, pull-ups does make a watch that will go off at intervals. They sell it at bed bath and beyond and toys are us.

Faye - posted on 06/04/2013




When he is ready, please use a timer. It serves as an independent reminder that he has to at least try. You are not the one harping on him to try, the timer is. Set the timer at 15 minutes, when it goes off, he has to at least try. Once he masters the 15 minute interval (at least 2 days worth) move the timer to 20 minutes. Again once he has mastered that time move it to 30 minutes. (You are training his mind to start listening to his body.) After 30 minutes is mastered move it again to 45 minutes. Once the timer got to 45 minutes, my son informed me "mommy don't set that again I got this." I set the timer anyway. At about 35 - 40 minutes off he ran to the bathroom and he made it time. I quietly stopped the timer.

Stay away from the Pull Ups! Nothing like telling a child "you are big kid now, (but let's put these "diapers" on you, just in case.)" Use real underwear, please! Buy several packages with cartoons on them. For Christmas my son received Mickey and Pooh as the "people" and dinosaurs and puppies as the "pets". Buy extra laundry soap as you will need it.

Hand him a roll of paper towels and a trash can. Supervise him while he cleans up all the messes. Help him wash his hands afterwards. Once he is either busy doing something else or napping/sleeping you will want to go over the areas again with your floor cleaner/shampooer depending on where the mess was.

Liezl - posted on 06/03/2013




Your son has to be ready to do potty training. You can check - they also have great ideas on potty training and give you a good indication of checking if your child is ready. It's helped a lot of my friends and I will definitely use it when we get to that stage.

Cecilia - posted on 06/01/2013




Try making the potty as fun as possible. He might be crying simply because he is scared not because he isn't ready. If he can stay dry during a nap, he has the muscles to do it.

How do you make the potty fun? Well let him pick his own chair and soft seat for the big potty. Not all kids like both. If he is going to sit on the regular toilet make sure you give him a stool that will either reach his feet or almost. How would it feel if you had to sit on something that was waist height for you? It would be a little scary right?

Ok now for the more fun things- you can make decals for the toilet, (micheals craft stores have sheets of decal paper you can cut up to make a face or something he likes, like pirates or dinosaurs.) Give him something to do while he sits up there. What do you give him, that's something you have to work with and see how it goes. We have a bin filled with goodies from the dollar store party section. If she uses the potty she can have one. this works for her. Some people give them an electronic device to play with on the toilet. Find something that will keep his attention so he doesn't realize he's been sitting there for 15 minutes.

Deanna - posted on 06/01/2013




If he isn't trained by then, wait another year. You can't really force him to be potty trained or he might become afraid of the potty. Get him used to it and go from there.

Erika - posted on 05/30/2013




I potty trained Emily when she was 1 and 1/2 and did it using portable potty putting it on the bathroom buy him those underware that you can throw away if he has and accident just keep him on the underware all day when his at home and tell him to tell you whenever he needs to go potty but the potty has to be it the bathroom that's how they understand that when they need to go potty they go there. its gonna be lots of work cause your gonna have to take him to the bathroom or tell your husband to help sense his a boy but the work its gonna pay off wont take that long till he gets it trust me.

Gail - posted on 05/23/2013




So far that is what everyone is telling me to wait until he is ready. I don't want to force him into it if he isn't ready. Thanks.

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