Is my son to attached to me??

Casie - posted on 01/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 2 children ages 4 (girl) and 2 (boy). My little girl is such an independent person. She has no problem entertaining herself when need be. My son being the baby is very attached to me, i have to be in the same room with him at all times. If i have to take the trash out, or go to the rest room he will throw a huge screaming fit, no one can calm him down until i return. It gets to the point where his step dad has to set him in his room to calm down. If we would let him, he would scream for hours.

My son is very well spoken for his age, he can tell you what he wants or what he doesnt like. He tries to compete with his 8 and 6 year old step brothers, he doesnt realize he is only 2 and cant play with big boy toys. He will scream and throw a fits over that. My son acts alot older and well advanced for his age. But the fit throwing fit right up his alley. What are some ways to handle these situations.


Summer - posted on 01/17/2012




hes 2, hes the baby of a large family. he is wanting to be outside or where ever you are, not neccisarily to be with you, but you went somewhere that he "cant" so therefor its more of an " I want what i cant have" mantality. and also if his older siblings are getting treated differently then he doesnt understand why. if they are allowed to do things he cant he doesnt understand and gets mad for due to a lack of communication skills. he may be well spoken

, for his age but that doesnt mean he can articulate what he is feeling....

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